Journal of Sugar Beet Research


Table of Contents
Volume 50 Number 1 and 2
Effect of Glyphosate on Cercospora beticola on Glyphosate-Resistant Sugar Beet
     Mohamed F.R. Khan and Carl A. Bradley
Sugarbeet is More Competitive for Nitrogen than Common Lambsquarters and Powell Amaranth
     Alicia J. Spangler and Christy L. Sprague
In vitro Explant Growth and Shoot Regeneration from Petioles of Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L.) Lines at Different Ploidy Levels
     Mustafa Yildiz, Behrouz Alizadeh and Ramazan Beyaz
Analysis of Resistance to Cercospora Leaf Spot and Bolting in Sugar Beet as Winter Crop Using Griffing’s Diallel Method and GGE Biplot*
     Mohsen Niazian, Reza Amiri, Seyed Mohammad Mahdi
Mortazavian, Abazar Rajabi and Mohammad Reza Orazizadeh
Volume 50 Number 3 and 4  
Divergent Selecton for Amino-nitrogen Concentration in Sugarbeet Roots
     L.G. Campbell and K.K. Fugate
The American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists,
Advancing Sugarbeet Research for 75 Years

     L.G. Campbell and A.W. Cattanach
Awards Presented at the 2013 General Meeting
of the ASSBT
Abstracts of Oral Presentations and Posters
Presented at the 2013 General Meeting of the ASSBT