Journal of Sugar Beet Research


Table of Contents
Volume 49 Number 1 and 2
Effect of Pyraclostrobin on Postharvest Storage and
Quality of Sugarbeet Harvested Before and After a Frost

       L.G. Campbell, K. Klotz Fugate, and L.J. Smith
Optimization of Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Dilute Acid
Pretreated Sugar Beet Pulp Using Response Surface Design

     E. Donkoh, J. Degenstein, M. Tucker, and Y. Ji
Pathogenic and Phylogenetic Analysis of Fusarium oxysporum
from Sugarbeet in Michigan and Minnesota

     K.M. Webb, P.A. Covey, and L.E. Hanson
Volume 49 Number 3 and 4  
Influence of Sugarbeet Tillage Systems on the Rhizoctonia-Bacterial Root Rot Complex
     Carl A. Strausbaugh and Imad Eujayl
Effects of Tillage System and Nitrogen Supply on Sugarbeet Production
     David D. Tarkalson, Dave L. Bjorneberg, and Amber Moore
Analysis of Resistance to Cercospora Leaf Spot and Bolting in Sugar Beet as Winter Crop Using Griffing’s Diallel Method and GGE Biplot
     Mohsen Niazian, Reza Amiri, Seyed Mohammad Mahdi
Mortazavian, Abazar Rajabi and Mohammad Reza Orazizadeh